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Pre-analytical stages

It is important that high-quality tumour samples are obtained for PD-L1 testing1. Consideration should be given to each of the following:1,2

  • Sample type, age and location
  • Tissue sample preparation and processing
  • Pathologist QC
Sample type, age and location

Sample type

Routinely processed, FFPE tumour biopsy samples with an adequate number of viable cells are appropriate for use with PD-L1 testing assays2,3

Fine needle aspirate samples have not been validated3

Sample age

Newly acquired and archival tumour biopsies can be used as long as they adhere to standard sample preparation and processing procedures4,5

Sample location

Samples obtained from either primary or metastatic lesions can be used for PD-L1 testing5,6


Professor Keith Kerr discusses the use of cytology samples
for PD-L1 testing

Basic overview of tissue sample preparation and processing*1


*The preparation instructions differ for each PD-L1 assay. For further details, refer to specific package insert for individual assays3,8–10

Embedded sections are cut


Sections are placed onto a slide


Slides are dried...


...and labelled


Slides are loaded in an automated IHC stainer


Quality of staining is checked


Pathologist QC (basic overview)



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